Management Information System

A management information system is one of the databases in the computer which provides regular reports on the operation for every level of a management in a company. This system services facilitate the organization to take decisions in ethical and better way. In other words, we can say that MIS is a group of a system that collects information from different sources, compile it and make it readable for the organizational system. This is also a study of technologies and of various organizations.

MS software India are one of the best MIS software company which design and develop outstanding MIS software for the organization system. We create the software for the growth and development of the organization which will establish your business services on the top level.

The software will provide you complete reports and information for the various organizations. The main objective of management information system is to provide the right information to the right person at the right place. This information will update on the basis of daily or weekly basis.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Open Source ERP is the process by which a company manages and integrates all parts of business services. This makes the services easier and reliable as it handles all the parts like planning, purchasing, sales, human resources and much more.

MS Software India is one of the reputed IT services providers in India which provide all kinds solutions related to the technologies. ERP MIS (Management Information System) which manage all kinds of business services like manufacturing, constructions or much more.

Open ERP is the best technology for business applications including sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, Human Resources etc. Open ERP will allow you to choose thousand of modules. The software will be beneficial for small to mid-sized companies. The demand of odoo is increasing as there is thousands of installation per day according to needs and requirements. It has dynamic community and will be completely flexible and can be adapted according to your needs. We develop open ERP software which you can easily implement according to your business needs.

Customer Relation Management

Customer relationship management is one of the best tools and techniques for business organization in which strategies are being created that companies use to manage and analyze customer. This strategy improves customer relationship in order to increase companies sales growth. CRM is a key to your success in marketing business which creates a strong bridge between entrepreneur and customers.

MS Software develops best CRM Software and incredible technologies for CRM which makes your workforce strong with delivering the right information to the sales and marketing team to increase work performance of the massive business organization.

This technology brings the best communication between clients and employees to increase productivity as this will saves your time, money and infrastructure. We provide best solutions through CRM applications to make the strong relationship as this will allow business owners to automate their services in an efficient manner.

Social Networking Development

Social networking is the process of mutually connecting peoples or organization in a proper way. This is a social structure where peoples or organization is a node. They are connected with each other with one or many purposes. To make friend, unfriend, follow and unfollows as well as there are some tasks like financial transactions and internet shopping that are mostly done on social networks.

Research in many areas has proven that social networks work on multiple platforms ranging from family to nation. Social networks play an important role in solving the problem and in running organization. It also helps people to determine them to achieving their goals.

We at MS Software India deliver outstanding social networking development for several organizations. We are also working for the growth and development of the business organization.

Project Management System

A project management system means to manage projects by collecting information, planning, managing its different required aspects. This is the process of collecting documents related to the products. It is one of the methodological approaches to planning and guiding project so that the goals to be achieved in ethical and in a prominent way.

MS Software India is one of the outstanding software service providers which used to fulfill the needs and requirement of the clients. We are also specialized in the development of project management software. This software is used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and change in management.

Database Management System

Database management system is one of the best system software for creating and managing the database. In other words, this is a collection of programs that enables you to store, extract information from the database.

MS software India are one of the most prominent software service providers which used to design and develop best database management system software. We have experienced and knowledgeable database administrators that have complete knowledge of about all the important queries which assist to make them reliable DBMS software.

Employee Management System

Employee management system helps to keep all the detailed records of an employee working in an institution. This is important for institutions before hiring any employee to fill all the data and information so that they get stored properly in the database. The employee management system also keeps track of about salary information, personal details in the database. Employees can access the system to apply their leaves, view their attendance, personal information anywhere and anytime.

MS Software India is the best software service provider which also design and develop best software for employee management system. All the personal records and the details of the employee get stored properly in the database. Managers could access the system to generate reports about a particular employee based on various parameters.

Realestate Management System

Real estate management system (REMS) is an online real estate software application that manages all the operational activities as well as the Process. This will help to manage all your business process to ensure efficiencies. Customers and owners will know exactly what the status is at the time.

MS software India is a well known IT service provider which design software that will provide the desired result to the customers as well as the owner of the company. We have proven track records in making of successful real estate agencies.

We used latest technologies and features MySQL, PHP, SQL Server, Java, Oracle and much more to fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients and the property dealer.

School Management System

College management System maintained the college data and very helpful for the students and teachers. It is an integrated platform that connects all the various departments of the colleges. MS Software India develop software for those colleges which don’t have one good performing software for keeping their information secure and make their management easier. The software provides an attractive environment where you can easily manipulate data and information secure and make their management easier.

The main aspects of application save the time of college management to manage the college information. You can easily maintain the records of students, fee details, admission and much more.